Renouned Skating Photographer Leah Adams Joins SIF

Photographing skating since the 1996 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Leah has traveled the world fulfilling her passion.


Leah is grateful for the experiences and people she has encountered because of the sport. Two of her favorite memories include riding in the Champions On Ice tour bus between shows and spending late nights after competitions rehashing the details of a spectacular program. Leah has watched Intermediate skaters grow to compete at the Olympics (she attended three of the last four!), and she has been privileged to meet the families of these and other talented individuals throughout her career.

Skate It Forward is thrilled to welcome Leah to its inaugural event May 6. Leah’s special eye for capturing incredible skating moments can be seen on countless skaters’ websites and across the internet. We look forward to sharing  Skate It Forward with you through Leah’s lens.

Leah retired from AT&T after 30 years and lives in Colorado with her husband of 41 years, Jim.


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