Hometown Skater Livvy Shilling Returns to Her Roots to Support SIF

Central Ohio native Livvy Shilling first put on skates when she enrolled in OhioHealth Chiller’s Skating School but can‘t recall exactly when she fell in love with the sport. She thinks it must have been before she even started skating!

D5A_6674“The daily work is precise and the improvements are incremental – some days not at all. People might find the daily grind boring, but I love testing what my blades can do. I love learning to go faster, jump higher, and spin in creative ways. And the beauty! I am inspired by the artistic side, too. Creating a program that captures the audience and judges makes my heart soar. The art of the sport is important to me.”

A long time member of the Columbus Figure Skating Club, Livvy passed through USFS’s testing structure at the The Ohio State University’s Ice Rink. She has fond memories of competing in the annual Holiday Season Competition and being just as excited (and nervous) for the first test as for the last.

Believing she had more to dedicate to the sport of figure skating, about two years ago Livvy moved to Colorado Springs to train in an environment where she could fully test her athletic and artistic boundaries. When asked how things are going, she replied, “Honestly, I feel I am just getting started and know that exciting events are in my future.”

Skate It Forward is excited for your future, too, Livvy. Thanks for sharing your passion and commitment to the sport with us. See you May 6th at the Ice Haus.

Connect with Livvy on Twitter @livvlu  Instagram  @livvlu and Facebook
Click to watch SIF Livvy’s Video Announcement


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